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Getting Certified & Implementing Outsourced Internal Auditing

What happens if you are the company that wants to provide outsourcing audits? It is completely possible. If you decide to go for this option, just make sure you follow and implement all the standards related to the audit itself. Otherwise, you will have a hard time with the process of finding clients or even conducting a proper audit for yourself.

There are several aspects involved in the audit area and we are sure you will have to invest a lot of time and resources in getting certified as an Outsourced Internal Auditing company. Or, in another case, as a particular auditor that can conduct and manage audit programs. Now, you might be wondering which are the standards you need to follow to conduct these audits for other companies and individuals?

ISO 9001 is something you need to be quite familiar with if you are going to be in this business, and the main reason is that it has all the guidelines to plan, conduct and manage internal audits. You will find it not only useful but necessary since ISO 9001 is mandatory for companies that want to dedicate or offer this service. Overall, you need to get certified in several standards despite the company or service you offer.

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So, there is no difference when it comes to this type of auditing. How can you get certified? This is the real question here. Just like other standards, you need to implement them to meet all the requirements and be able to get your certification.

For this, you will also have to go through an audit that will determine the degree of conformance of the standard and your company. If there is any non-conformity, you need to take corrective actions and to get certified later on. As you can see, your objective of getting certified in Outsourced Internal Auditing and standards themselves are completely related.

To get your certification, you need to contact a validated company that can provide you with two things:

  • Support and assistance.
  • The certification once you have met every requirement.

Our company ISO Pros has been offering these services for over a decade, and we are familiar with all the steps in getting your certification in this area. Also, we are a company that provides Outsourced Internal Auditing itself.

If you are trying to access the service instead of going for the standard itself, you can contact us and get our auditors—which are reliable and qualified—to conduct your internal audits.

Why is ISO 9001 relevant for your certification?

As we mentioned before, this ISO standard is completely for auditing management systems. Since you are a company that is looking to get certified to be able to conduct audits for other businesses, you need to follow the guidelines in the normative. However, ISO 9001 is quite a family of standards.

What do we mean with this? That you can find several standards according to the specific auditing you are conducting or the audit program of your company. In the case of Outsourced Internal Auditing, you can find several standards besides the main one—ISO 9001. Most of them aren’t mandatory but you can consider them as important if you think the benefits you obtain from each one will be suitable and useful for your company.

Now, answering the main question: it is necessary because you have all the guidelines, requirements, and parameters that allow you to operate and provide reliable and correct internal audits for other companies. We, ISO Pros, are certified in this ISO standard and many others in order to provide the service. Therefore, we understand not only to a professional level but also a personal one, the importance of this normative.

How can you get certified? Do you also get a certification after hiring the service?

Something most people don’t know is that the certification option in this area has two alternatives:

  • If you are the company that wants to provide outsourcing audits, you will implement the required standard as any other and get certified for it.
  • If you are in need of the service and a third-party or company—like us—conducts an audit or more than one in your management systems, you will get a certification that shows it has been conducted and you are done with this task.

Our company can provide both certifications since we are specialists in ISO standards. To be more specific, in implementing them and supporting companies to do it properly. Therefore, you can contact us for several options and ISO needs according to your company. Since you are interested in getting certified for Outsourced Internal Auditing, make sure you are aware of all the investments you will have to make as the company.

It takes a lot of investment to provide the service, and we are sure you might have a hard time in the beginning. When it comes to the certification and the entire process to obtain it, we suggest you be familiar with the process before anything else. For this, study and inform yourself about ISO 9001. Also, take the time to understand the service you are about to provide to other people.

We have a lot of information about this on our website, and every benefit is in a section waiting for you. Also, we explain what Outsourced Internal Auditing is and how it can help your company in case you can’t conduct internal audits yourself. However, our services include many other options, such as training you to deal with every aspect and part of this auditing option.

Do you need your certification? At ISO Pros, we are always available and waiting to know more about you. You only need to apply by using our contact form, or you can call us whenever you want. Our experts will be waiting to address your ISO needs and help you with everything you require and want.

Need more information about our services? You can also contact us with all your questions and doubts about them.